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Acupunture is Safe and Effective!

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We can help you become more fertile!

If your thinking about growing your family or just want to have as a healthy pregnancy as possible, we can help.  If you’ve had trouble conceiving for years and are not ready for IVF, we can help.  Most women know that there is much that they can do to improve the chance of having a healthy and happy baby and they’re right!

Some of the areas that we can help improve are long menstrual cycles, short menstrual cycles, excessive clotting and cramping.  These factors have been shown to affect your chances of getting pregnant and preventing misscarriages.  Did you know that these conditions are very responsive to natural medicine.  Acupuncture, nutrition, herbal supplements and lifestyle changes are very helpful and can help you become fertile.  One of the side effects of acupuncture is that it is very relaxing and who doesn’t need more relaxation in their life.

The Natural Fertility program at Living Room Acupuncture works from the inside out.  First we find out the root cause of your specific issues and then we make a customized program the help you reach your goal.  Most of our patients see noticeable improvements in their basal body temperatures and menstrual cycle in the first 90 days.

We Help

Improve likelihood of conception

Reduced PMS

Improve Uterine Lining

Regulate menstrual cycles

Reduce clotting & cramping

Reduce stress

Reduce time to pregnancy

Improve digestion

Better Sleep

Acupuncture Is

  • Safe

  • Affordable

  • Effective

  • Painless

The Living Room is a Downtown Miami Acupuncture clinic located in the Central Business District and serving Downtown Miami and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Easily accessible from Brickell, Midtown, Coral Gables, Wynwood, The Roads, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach and more.